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The most economical unit of pur- chase is a tank-car lot 6, to 10,- gallons. During the heating step, large quantities of water will be disassociated from the molasses portion of the composition, but this must be by means of a normal boiling type of bubbling action wherein large bubbles rise generally intact through the mass to be liberated at the surface of the mass. Another and more general object of the invention is to provide a molasses feed block for animals of the character described which is simple and economical to produce, is particularly high in energy content, permitting more energy to be provided for a given amount of protein and minerals than can be provided in other feed supplement blocks, is palatable and readily consumed, yet easy to control in consumption, and which is easy to handle in storage and transportation and simple to put out for feeding, and which is relatively easy to keep sanitary. I just made cashew cheese for the second time and although the texture was a bit off because I added too much water, it was still delicious! These inert additives are generally added to produce a certain amount of natural bulk in the animal diet, and they will hereinafter be collectively referred to as clay-like materials, it being understood that they include but are not limited to such clay-like materials as kaolin, bentonite, microsil, and other clay and silicate materials. Where conditions are such that it is desirable to include such materials in the feed, they may conveniently be included in the feed blocks of the present invention, without varying the method of production of the blocks. Next Patent Edible food casing p

The actual amount of water thus removed from the molasses will depend on the Brix of the molasses used in the composition, but regardless of what Brix molasses is used, the final temperature required will vary according to the quality and type of molasses used.

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The vacuum step is applied to a sufficient extent so as to pull out that last increment of water remaining in the molasses portion after the heating step so that on final cooling to below the melting point of molasses solids the composition will harden to hard, brittle, glass-like consistency. Such added plant feed materials may include such things as ground grains, chopped or ground alfalfa, the meals such as coconut meal or seed meals including cottonseed, soya, sesame or linseed meals, or brewers dried grains, or chopped or ground straw, corncobs, cottonseed or other hulls, wheat or rice bran, or in general other plant components. Wow- I tried these and they are nasty. Mo- lasses may be obtained by tank truck in the Gulf States, the North Central States, Midwest, States along the eastern seaboard, and the west coast. Blackstrap, which accounts for the largest volume of molasses used in livestock feeding, is a byproduct from the manufacture of raw sugar from sugarcane and the refining of raw sugar.


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